• Welcome to the Brodart VPN Site

This site contains the latest information regarding Brodart's VPN service. If the information you require isn't available, please open a helpdesk ticket.

VPN is a service that some employees use to connect remotely to the Brodart network.

  • Windows Vista/7 64 bit Support is Now Available 5/30/2007
The latest version of the Cisco VPN Client is available and now includes support for Windows Vista/7. You can obtain a copy from the download section.

  • Mapped Drive Access

If you need access to the H:, Q: or other mapped drive resources, install the Remote Logon Script Launcher Add-on. It can be found in the download section. Click here.

  • VPN Service Status
Authentication: OK
Addressing: OK

  • Client Version Available

Cisco VPN (32 bit)

Cisco VPN (64 bit)